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This is a podcast about exploring Axon Framework and its ecosystem.

About AxonIQ

March 4, 2021

At AxonIQ we provide a unique way of developing applications that run on the JVM, upgrading from a single monolith to Event-Driven microservices. We believe that this technology should be readily available; therefore, we have created both Axon Framework and Axon Server Standard Edition in open source. For better scalability we also offer an enterprise edition of the Axon Server.

Axon Framework helps solve the common problem of application complexity and size by providing the building blocks to create highly scalable and performant systems. The building blocks it provides help users to follow the DDD, CQRS and Event Sourcing paradigms when developing an application. It is this combination which allows developers to focus on the business (domain) problems, and scale their application as needed, while maintaining application consistency in distributed systems. It works very well in combination with Axon Server, but can easily be used as a stand-alone framework.

Axon Server was built to support the DDD/CQRS/Event Sourcing architectural style provided through Axon Framework. It is independent of any specific language, implementing an optimized routing and storage algorithm. The server supports a purpose-built event storage solution, event store queries, message routing and manual scaling of event processors. Additionally, it provides basic monitoring, security and messaging interoperability. More information can also be found through our extensive reference guide.