261947378 Clustering in Axon Server - with Milan Savic
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This is a podcast about exploring Axon Framework and its ecosystem.

Clustering in Axon Server - with Milan Savic

October 16, 2020

In this episode, I spoke with my colleague, Milan Savic about clustering in Axon Server. We discussed how different nodes are used in Axon Server Enterprise Edition, and Milan also explained what RAFT protocol is and why we use it in Axon Server. 

Milan also has a wonderful talk about this topic, where he gets into more detailed explanation of clustering in Axon Server, as well as RAFT protocol. You can read further about RAFT protocol here

Our colleague Bert Laverman also has a great article on installing and running Axon Server, which explains different kinds of nodes and their responsibilities in Axon Server.  

You can follow Milan, Bert, and I on Twitter: @MilanSavic14 @BertLaverman @SaraTorrey

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